Myx VJ Search was the 4th edition of Myx VJ Search. It had 12 finalists and 3 winners, though they only served for one year with Robin as the last to leave Myx. Ton and Robin were the VJs of Rock Myx. It was also at this time wherein all the VJs were paired in every episode of Myx Daily Top 10.


  • Ton Vergel de Dios
  • Issa Perez de Tagle
  • Kat Espe
  • Dane Hipolito
  • Josh Katigbak
  • Marco Mañalac
  • Christine Manalaysay
  • Robin Nievera
  • Kirsten Rice
  • Julz Savard
  • Andy Smith
  • Anj Rosette Uy

Winners: Ton, Robin, & Julz.