Myx VJ Search 2009 was the third edition of the VJ Search. It continued with its 12 finalists and this time, 2 winners were chosen: Janine and Nel. Janine served for 2 consecutive years though she made a cameo appearance in a shampoo commercial music video in Myx while Nel served only for one year. The two were the VJs of Myx International Top 20. One of the finalists, Andi Eigenmann, is an actress and model.


  • Andi Eigenmann
  • Lana Roi
  • Sarah Gaugler
  • Nel Gomez
  • Miki Hahn
  • Kevin Lapeña
  • Miko Morente
  • Janine Ramirez
  • Sam Reynolds (voluntarily left due to academic reasons, being he had to start his first year at University in England)
  • Ant Santos
  • Jade Sison
  • Toff Tiozon

Winners: Nel & Janine.