Myx VJ Search 2008 was the second edition of the Myx VJ Search. As opposed to the first edition, 12 finalists were chosen and this continued until 2017. But just like the first edition, 4 were chosen as winners. One of the winners, Chino Lui Pio, served for 7 consecutive years as Myx VJ (the longest run as VJ among the 4 winners) but moved to TV5 in 2015. Another winner, Robi Domingo, was the 1st runner-up of the famous reality game shows in the Philippines, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus, which is under Pinoy Big Brother (the Filipino edition of Big Brother). He stopped at 2010 and returned in 2014. He has served 6 non-consecutive years as Myx VJ. Bianca Roque served for 5 consecutive years and she, with Chino Lui Pio, are hosts in one of the Myx Shows, Myx Wer U At. Monica Yncierto only served for one year.


  • Paolo Alino
  • Robi Domingo
  • Macky Escalona
  • Cerah Hernandez
  • Kai Hocson
  • Ezra Lacsamana
  • JC Lingad
  • Chino Lui Pio
  • Jessica Mendoza
  • Sam Pinto
  • Bianca Roque
  • Monica Yncierto

Winners: Robi, Chino, Bianca, & Monica.