The MYX VJ Search is a special competition held annually by MYX, the number one music channel in the Philippines. It gives young people the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming the next MYX VJ.

Auditions are held at ABS-CBN in Quezon City, usually on four separate dates within the same month. After the auditions, 12 finalists are chosen who then go through a training experience process usually lasting up to two months. The MYX VJ Search is broadcast on MYX and split into 8 episodes, the last episode being the finals night, in which the winners are announced. The winners are chosen by MYX, through the text votes of the viewers and by the MYX team's own selection.

For the MYX VJ Searches 2007 & 2008, four winners were chosen on the finals night, two males and two females; for the Myx VJ Search 2009[1] there were only two grand winners, while for the MYX VJ Searches 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2014, three winners were selected. There was no public search in 2013, 2015 and 2016; only private auditions were held. In 2017, there are four winners.

The Myx VJ Search began in 2007.

The finalists and winners of past MYX VJ Searches are as follows:

Myx VJ Search 2007

Myx VJ Search 2008

Myx VJ Search 2009

Myx VJ Search 2010

Myx VJ Search 2011

Myx VJ Search 2012

Myx VJ Search 2013

Myx VJ Search 2014

Myx VJ Search 2015

Myx VJ Search 2016

Myx VJ Search 2017