Aside from the Myx Charts, Myx also offers other shows based on genre. After all it's a music video channel. Some are showed daily, weekly, everyday or even some parts of the day.

Currently Airing:

  • MYX Backtrax - features music hits from the early 50's to the early 2010s.
  • MYX Moods - features the playlists of your favorite artists and MYX VJs depending on their selected mood.
  • Rock MYX - features rock music videos.
  • My MYX - features music video requests from viewers that were send on the official website.
  • MYX Take 5 - features 5 music videos from one featured artist.
  • Star MYX - features the top 5 favorite music videos of all time from your favorite artists or celebrities.
  • Pinoy MYX (formerly OPM Myx) - features the latest and the classics of OPM music videos.
  • Pop MYX - features the latest international pop music videos on the planet.
  • Mellow MYX - features mellow and love music videos and love advises from the resident VJ.
  • Urban MYX (formerly Myx Suburbia) - features the hippest of RNB, hiphop, rap, jazz, and soul music videos.
  • MYX Sure-Fire Hits (formerly MYX Firsts) - features music videos with no distractions.
  • Club MYX (formerly Dance Myx)- features club, dance, and EDM music videos.


  • Asia Myx - featured Asian music videos
  • World Myx - featured music videos from around the world
  • Pop Myx: K-Pop Edition - featured the latest Korean pop music videos on the planet. This was discontinued and was merged with Pop MYX
  • Pinoy Rock Myx - featured Pinoy rock music videos. This was discontinued and was merged with Rock MYX
  • Radio Myx - featured the top 5 most requested songs in each radio station. This is hosted by various DJs.
  • Morning MYX (aka Myxilog) - an early morning telecast of Myx
  • Late Night MYX - a late night telecast with Myx

Aside from the Myx Charts, only Mellow Myx and My Myx reads messages of fans. Currently Rock Myx, MYX Backtrax and Urban Myx have no VJ assigned. MYX Sure-Fire Hits already has no VJ from its first airing which is depicted in the description. Only Star Myx and Myx Moods are where a Myx VJ is always not the host. Mostly, 5 or 6 music videos are being played in each show.

Hosted by Myx Celebrity VJs Hosted by Myx VJ Search Finalists
Pop Myx Pop Myx
Pinoy Myx Pinoy Myx
Mellow Myx My Myx
My Myx